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The Eco-innovation Development and Implementation Tool developed by the PRESOURCE project, which is known as the “EDIT Value tool”, allows for a holistic analytical approach to unveil resource efficiency potential in industrial companies. In contrast to most existing tools, it does not only look at products or processes, but it also analyses the potential for savings through improved business strategy, management procedures and realisation of stakeholder interests. Rather than imposing on enterprises the logic of a specific tool, the EDIT Value tool is driven by the needs of the SMEs it serves. As such it helps each company to discover its own potential for resource efficiency.

The EDIT Value tool is available in different languages. As it is a complex tool it is recommended to discuss its application first with your National Contact Point. Information material and the tool itself are available free of charge.


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EDIT Value identifies the most effective opportunities for improving resource efficiency and overall sustainability performance in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within given framework conditions.

The tool enables a company to choose the most effective leverage points and feasible applications leading both to an improvement of resource efficiency and to an optimised allocation of limited resources. With the help of EDIT Value all levels of an enterprise (from stakeholders to products, see management pyramid below) are assessed in a systematic way.

  • Double benefits from innovation projects: costs savings and reduction of environmental risks
  • Identification of most interesting areas for improvement
  • Allocation of potential applications (specific tools) driven by the company’s needs
  • Better control over strategic risks and opportunities of enterprises
  • New view on business effectiveness and efficiency
  • Involvement of staff in continuous